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Date: 29-30 March    Theme: Electricity Wheeling: The Future of Renewable Energy  Hosted By: MILLASA


Cresco Director Andy Tant spoke at the Electricity Wheeling Conference on March 30. His presentation, titled Wheeling Energy & Private Energy Offtakers, looked at different aspects of energy use and production for Private Energy Consumers, including:

  • Energy Strategies for Decarbonisation
  • Private PPAs & Wheeling
  • Energy Trading

The event was well-attended, and the various experts provided views on a wide range of wheeling-related issues.

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Cresco is currently working on a number of assignments that should result in NERSA Generation or Trading license applications / registrations within the next months. Municipal wheeling is considered the next opportunity even though municipalities have differing levels of maturity on the cost of electricity supply and have inconsistent approaches to electricity wheeling. Cresco looks forward to continuing to positively influence renewable energy projects in South Africa.