Leading organisations on the cutting edge of business performance rely on a portfolio of projects that not only enables the organisation to focus on current service delivery but also identify and exploit future opportunities. Cresco has been providing management consulting services for more than 17 years, with core capabilities in financial advisory, transaction advisory, financial modelling, and risk management to assist organisations to achieve strategic business objectives by creating a holistic and varied project portfolio. Backed by a global leading team of financial modellers and advisors with experience in project finance and advisory, Cresco PMO will guide your business through every stage of a project, from concept to financial completion and value realisation.


  • Programme planning, development and coordination
  • Programme scheduling, milestones and control
  • Budget development and management
  • Portfolio management
  • Discipline coordination
  • PRISM- Project Risk Screening and Mitigation
  • Quality management
  • Institutional risk management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Coordination of permits, licenses, development rights and approvals
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Administrative support

Cresco PMO will assist you to create a portfolio of high-value projects that supports your business objectives. This comprehensive process begins with unpacking business leaders’ specific business goals. The Cresco team will identify a portfolio of projects that are strategically aligned to the organisation’s long term objectives. Financial value is then assigned to these initiatives. The initiatives are scored and prioritised to ensure the most efficient project implementation possible. Business cases are developed for the most valuable initiatives with full transparency among stakeholders and decision-makers.


Our clients are open-minded leaders of blue-chip organisations that are committed to maximising shareholder value. Cresco will become your business partner to help your business create and deliver value.


  • Financial benefits-prioritised investment portfolio: Clients will know that they are focusing on the right business initiatives.
  • Coordinate advisory and specialist consultancy: Clients will realise organizational value efficiently.
  • Optimise resource utilisation by focusing on the most valuable initiatives:  You know that you are executing the right projects as we ensure your portfolio of priorities is aligned with your business objectives. We develop current and future risk-based portfolio budgets to ensure you realise innovative opportunities.
  • Project set up for success: Cresco PMO will help you realise value by setting up initiatives for success by focusing on the right way to execute and ensuring you have the right team.
  • Finger on the pulse: Cresco PMO will monitor and report on value opportunities and value created by assigning a financial value to milestones while tracking and reporting back on key milestone progress.